Apartment , Land and Luxury Villas

Apartment , Land and Luxury Villas

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Eight Bells

A new horizon! Nevis will bring the new possibilities you’re looking for. Discover a new beginning for you and your family with visa-free to more than 127 countries.

in Egypt
Gawhara Village

Enjoy the atmosphere of the coast with your family. Take in the most beautiful seascapes in the most beautiful village in Egypt’s North Coast

in Egypt
Alam El Roum Village

To have good holiday, nothing can compare to a villa in the picturesque Alam Al-Roum Village.

in Turkey
Yalova Villas

City of a neutral spa Located in the northwest of the country, Yalova is one of the most wonderful of Turkish cities.

in Egypt
Sun Resort Chalets

Own a home in Egypt…with easy installments Take the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of the blue sea waters with your family and own a chalet with fully-inclusive service on the beautiful north coast. Just steps from the shore.

in Egypt
Sun Resort Villa

Enjoy the atmosphere of the coast with your family, and own a villa with exclusive seascapes in the most beautiful village in the north coast.

in Turkey
Istanbul Paradise

An amazing land that have a view on marmara sea. A perfect location in the European country side of Istanbul city that close to the Bulgarian border. All that give you an added value for your project.

in Turkey
Green Lands

Luxury villas in Istanbul - In the magnificent Marmara coastal area of Istanbul, to meet the most demanding needs of investors and buyers.

Nevis Porto

Your Passport in 90 Days Have you ever owned a home in paradise away from everybody and where you could take a break and relax in one of the most beautiful islands in the world? Visa-free entry to more than 127 countries

Why Homemark For Real Estate?

For 20 years Homemark has been the leader in implementation of investment operation in many countries including Russia and America . that put us in the first line companies who make difference in people life’s.

Legal Assistance

Our company not only guarantees the security of sale-purchase transaction, but also provides you with legal advice on taxation, incorporation and residency.

Post Sale Service

You don't have worry about your property any longer - our management company will takes care of your estate while you are away.


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